Monday, June 16, 2014

Kindergarten Floral Paintings


Rick Martinez said...

Hi Angie/Mrs. Dottie:

How I got onto your blog site, God only knows. Yet, I loved your artwork and many of your "words fitly spoken." I am a "good ol dad" of a daughter who is principal a two-campus K-8 Catholic school, and highly exuberant about the art and science of teaching, and student love of learning. And she believes "play is academic." In fact, she is currently creating and dedicating an entire section of her school to a K-2 play program full of physical activities to include art, music, drama, and dance--to enhance and enrich early experiential learning via interpersonal interaction. Play can turn "His-story" into "our story." Play can teach early numbers and math and how things add up. Play can make dance and music about listening and comprehension...learning. And play can teach about the need and ability to UNLEARN. Overall, physical activity is taught to be FUN...not only competitive, not just for approbation, for inner appreciation and enjoyment. It's like education and perhaps art itself: It civilizes the raw passions of the soul, and informs and unfolds us.

Mrs. Dottie said...

Hi Rick, thanks for commenting. Your daughter sounds like a great principal! My favorite grades to teach are pre-k-2. I try to make learning fun, with the goal of promoting joy in student's lives. I want each child to be successful. I teach in a high poverty urban district, where many children do not get support they need at home.