Friday, March 21, 2014

Kindergarten Landscape Drawings

Before I teach this lesson, I have already taught the students how to draw different types of lines- straight, curvy, zig-zag, loopy, etc.) and we have talked about lines in nature, school, and in our world. I show them examples of how artists use lines to create images. Then, I demonstrate how to walk in a straight line, curvy line, zig-zag, etc. and ask them to do the same. Then we draw the different types of lines across our paper.

The following week, I teach this simple landscape drawing lesson, using different types of lines. I discuss how artists use lines to express ideas. I start by drawing a straight line across my paper with a black crayon for the horizon line, and students follow me. Above the horizon line we draw curvy lines for mountains, like a lower case letter "m." Then we draw more curvy lines below the horizon line for fields. Some students choose to draw zig-zag lines for mountains, I let them choose. Then we add trees (a rectangle for base, curvy cloud shape for tree tops), circle for sun, and curvy clouds. I ask students to color the entire page, and blend colors. I encourage them to use any colors they want, even imaginary colors. This lesson can be completed in a 25-30 minute class period.

I usually follow this lesson with my cityscape lesson, using lines they have learned, and reinforcing shapes and math concepts that they are learning in the classroom.