Thursday, April 11, 2013


Treasures….should not be measured. This is very special student work that I will always treasure. 8th grade students used hand made paper to create books of original poetry. Students also wrote original poems in response to works of art at the Allentown Art Museum. These original art books were created during a special artist residency program with local poet Marilyn Hazelton, local artist Liz Magno, and me- the art teacher. A true integration of art/ language arts/ and art history. This is the kind of meaningful, collaborative teaching that we have lost, due to high stakes testing, data driven assessments, and cuts to ASD art programs. ASD Superintendent Dr. Mayo has told parents "don't treasure what you can't measure." What a horrible thing to say to a parent. Art work has human value that cannot and should not be quantified by data driven assessments. Parents cherish what their children create at school. It's the projects and performances that live on in our school memories, not the tests and worksheets. Stop killing joy for learning. Stop dehumanizing education.

Our children only get one chance for a quality education. Any educator or school board director who agrees to deny children artistic experiences, while saving test prep, should be booted from their position of educational leadership. Parents must demand accountability, and better leadership from our school district and school board. If you truly value the arts, DON"T APPROVE CUTS TO THE ARTS! Cut the test prep and high stakes testing which has not, and will not improve learning. By the way, many of the students who participated in this lesson were labeled as special ed, learning support, emotional support, and English Language Learners. All students were successful.