Sunday, November 13, 2016

Easy Winter Themed Art Lesson Ideas

Winter tree, cool colors

Allentown row homes, collage/painting 
Evergreen tree collage
These images are my lesson examples, which I made while modeling the steps and procedures during class. I teach young students how to draw a tree by asking them to think of an upper case Y, and imagine the branches are like the fingers on your hand. I demonstrate by holding my arms up over my head, like a Y, so they can visualize the larger trunk, and smaller branches. We use cool colors to paint on top of blue construction paper.

In the second example, I give students pre-cut rectangles in different sizes, and they glue those on blue paper, then we talk about the row homes in our city, types of buildings, and the shapes we can draw to make windows and doors, and decorative details. I simplify for younger grades. Then we add white paint with Q-Tips.

In the third example we tear paper for snowy hills, and use pre-cut triangles and rectangles to make the trees, and I show them how to cut a slice of a circle for the crescent moon. We add snow with construction paper crayons or oil pastels. I've had success with all three of these lessons, at varying grade levels Pre-K-6. All of these lessons can be completed in one 45 minute art class.