Thursday, December 27, 2018

Texture Rubbing Collage

This texture rubbing collage was created by one of my 1st grade students in a K-1 intensive learning support classroom. This lesson reinforces concepts taught by their special education teacher, and gives students practice with cutting and gluing. Students learn vocabulary to describe how textures feel- soft, hard, rough, smooth, bumpy, squishy, slimy, etc.

To start the lesson, we play the "texture game" by placing our hands inside a box filled with different objects, and students use words to describe the different textures. Then we take the objects out of the box and describe what we see.

Next, we use multicolor block crayons to make rubbings by placing various embossed, bumpy surfaced tiles (things I have collected) under white paper, and rubbing with the side of the crayon.

Then we color with crayons, draw shapes around the rubbings, and cut out the shapes. These cut out shapes and pieces are then glued to a sheet of colored construction paper.