Friday, August 21, 2015

Unfairly Blacklisted

Abstract tree, 5th grade ASD student work
I was informed on Saturday morning (by robo-email) that I will not be interviewed for one of the three newly restored elementary art teacher positions in the Allentown School District even though I have "met their credential requirements." "The positions have been filled." "No Interview." I believe I am being unfairly blacklisted (for the 2nd time) from full-time employment in the ASD. 

Formerly a tenured ASD art teacher, I've been a dedicated ASD substitute teacher for the past 4 years, including two long-term assignments as an ASD elementary art teacher, and I started a 3rd long-term assignment as an ASD elementary art teacher at the end of this past school year. So … they know I can do the job … and I've also been given letters of recommendation from ASD principals and fellow ASD teachers. 

As many of you know, I've been a vocal ASD parent, publicly opposing the cuts to related arts teachers and advocating for full restoration of these programs. Over the years, I've also been a parent volunteer, freely giving hundreds of hours of my time working to improve the ASD. I am feeling both sad and angry about this apparent free speech punishment and blackball discrimination, which shows the true colors of the ASD administration and ASD board. I will greatly miss my always gratifying interactions with ASD students, ASD parents, and ASD teachers.