Sunday, November 17, 2013

Leave the Arts Alone!

Joy of painting (Kindergarten lake scene)
The geniuses with no teaching experience who developed the unproven common core standards only see value in the arts at school when arts are attached to their dumb  standards. Check out this document written by David Coleman, president of The College Board, architect of the common core standards, never taught a day in his life, and has no art or art education background, but he is telling art teachers how and what to teach! He's a haughty pontificator! The reformy geniuses are even developing ways to measure the arts using data driven instruction, with the support of duped/sell out arts organizations who want to keep up with the "era of accountability" in education.  Check out this "arts advocacy" blog that promotes common core and standardized testing in the arts.

These pompous corporate hacks who developed the CCSS (David D-Bag Coleman, Gates, etc.) don't even understand that certified art teachers already reinforce academic concepts, teach across the curriculum for deeper meaning, incorporate art criticism, assess during the lesson, and challenge students while using age appropriate methods. Leave the arts alone! What a huge waste of time and money. We don't need your stupid common  core, just let us teach! And just let the kids enjoy learning! Experiences in the arts should never be "rigorous" or standardized!! Art has so much value in and of itself.