Thursday, March 29, 2012

We Will Treasure What We Can't Measure

We had an art show, despite the cuts to our arts programs, and despite short-sighted bad decisions by our school board, and despite test mania. Dr. Mayo, we WILL treasure what we can't measure on some dumb standardized test. (Dr. Mayo, our superintendent, said to me after a parent meeting, "don't treasure what you can't measure.")

The Muhlenberg Elementary Performing Arts Club put on a fantastic show as well. And the All City Orchestra and Band Show this past month was also a HUGE success. Children are so much more than test scores. The arts are essential to being human, so they should be essential to the school curriculum as well. Stop cutting our arts programs. Let kids
be kids, and let kids create. Show the

world what they can do, and celebrate their many talents!

Art work is by 4th and 5th grade students who participated in an after school art club taught by me. We learned about Henri Matisse, Faith Ringgold, Georgia O'Keeffe, as well as science and nature, architecture, abstract art, color, landscapes, and kids had a lot of fun socializing with friends.

Photos by Bill Villa. If you are on Facebook you can see more photos here:

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Question For Dr. Mayo, ASD Superintendent

Allentown School District Superintendent Dr. Mayo will be the special guest at the Muhlenberg Elementary School PTA meeting on March 13th: "A Conversation on Related Arts." It's an opportunity for parents to ask questions and share our thoughts on the value of related arts, which have been drastically slashed from the elementary school curriculum. I submitted the following question, and I will be attending the meeting. (Note-questions must be submitted ahead of time).

Doctor Mayo: the special classes of art, music, physical education, and library have always been essential to a well-rounded elementary school curriculum in the ASD-- like they still are in the Parkland School District. My question is a two-parter, first, what was your thinking in agreeing to cutting back these essential special classes so drastically … and second, what is your plan and what is your timetable for fully restoring art, music, physical education, and library to all ASD elementary schools?

UPDATE: Please read the comments to find out about the meeting. Comment #5 is my post meeting comment.

Angie Villa

Certified Art Teacher

Former ASD Art Teacher

Note: The Parkland SD is a neighboring suburban, wealthier school district.