Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kids Need Art Class Once a Week

3rd grade landscape, Van Gogh style
I've been assigned to a long term subbing position teaching art at 3 elementary schools in the Allentown School District. I will teach 2,000 students. Elementary students have art class with a certified art teacher only once every three weeks. I am seeing first hand how children are suffering from reduced related arts at school.  Children should not be expected to sit quietly all day long in over crowded classrooms working on "rigorous" math and reading content in order to prepare for tests. When the adults in charge fail to make sure the arts are an essential part of the school curriculum, children suffer and grow up with no understanding of how the arts have value. We must return joy to learning, and put an end to dehumanizing testing and standards centered education policies. Education should be student centered, and students must be given opportunities to discover their talents at school. To see more examples of student art work, please search the label "student work" at this blog. Thanks.

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