Sunday, September 9, 2012

How About Investing in Arts for Allentown School Children?

I posted this comment in response to Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski's Facebook post about investing in the arts in Allentown during the city's 250th Anniversary Celebration. Our city leaders boast about a multi-million dollar expansion to our Art Museum, an Arts Walk, The Baum School of Art, Symphony Hall, public sculptures, an Arts Park, many arts organizations and groups. The arts are flourishing in Allentown. The wealthy are investing in the arts, while our city school children are being denied the opportunities available to suburban Parkland school children. Why aren't the wealthy philanthropists and business leaders investing in our children? And who is working to pressure legislators into fully funding our schools?

How about investing in Allentown school children? Don't they deserve the same arts education as Parkland? ASD elementary students see a certified art teacher only 9 times per year due to budget cuts, teacher lay-offs, excessive testing- approved by our school board. The legislators found money to fully restore the arts programs in Upper Darby SD, why not Allentown? If the arts are flourishing in our city, they should also be flourishing in our city schools. Our kids deserve high quality arts taught by certified teachers. Parents, don't look the other way on these inequities. Demand fully funded arts programs and a well rounded curriculum for our children.

Photo- Art Club Show, Muhlenberg Elementary School


Jesse Turner said...

lstinFoPiYes Angie we should all be fighting for the arts. I do not live in Allen Town, but I can testify to the facts that the arts in education are being driven away in almost schools all over the nation.
Keep on fighting Angie. Something deep inside my tells the battle for the arts in our schools is the heart of the fight for the kinds of schools our children really deserve. Those schools should not be testing factories.
Thanks for keep the focus on the arts,
Jesse The Walking Man Turner

Mrs. Dottie said...

Thanks Jesse. The arts are essential to the school curriculum. And all kids deserve equal opportunities.

Mrs. Dottie said...

This is what Chicago teacher's union is demanding. We should demand this in ALlentown too. Anyone out there? "Provide A Better School Day: The Board will hire over 600 additional ‘special’ teachers in art, music, physical education, world languages and other classes to ensure students receive a better school day, a demand thousands of parents have called for since last year"