Sunday, February 26, 2012

Arne Duncan Must Go

US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has never taught. He has no classroom experience and no background in education other than in administration, and watching his mother who was a tutor. He's the top ed guy, and he was never even a teacher! Obama made a really bad choice. Could you imagine if the Surgeon General was never a doctor? Or the Attorney General never a lawyer?

Duncan attended private schools all of his life. He graduated from Harvard with a degree in Sociology. He has applauded the mass firing of teachers at a high poverty high school in Rhode Island. He is pushing for teachers to be evaluated based on student test scores. This is now happening in the state of New York. Duncan has endorsed the publication of teacher data reports, based on highly unreliable data, in NYC. He believes that increased testing, teacher bashing, and market based reforms will fix our schools. He doesn't understand child development or the effects of poverty on learning. He needs to go. Please sign this petition to dump Arne Duncan.

Duncan served as CEO of public schools in Chicago, which are 90% poor. Here's a snippet of what Duncan accomplished:

"Under Duncan, Chicago took the lead in creating public schools run as military academies, vastly expanded draconian student expulsions, instituted sweeping surveillance practices, advocated a growing police presence in the schools, arbitrarily shut down entire schools, and fired entire school staffs.” From Henry Giroux and Kenneth Saltman, Obama's Betrayal of Public Education? Arne Duncan and the Corporate Model of Schooling, 2008


Mrs. Dottie said...

From the Saltman/Giroux article: "Redefining schools as stock investments he said, "I am not a manager of 600 schools. I'm a portfolio manager of 600 schools and I'm trying to improve the portfolio." He claimed that education can end poverty. He explained that having a sense of altruism is important, but that creating good workers is a prime goal of educational reform and that the business sector has to embrace public education. "We're trying to blur the lines between the public and the private," he said. He argued that a primary goal of educational reform is to get the private sector to play a huge role in school change in terms of both money and intellectual capital. "

Mrs. Dottie said...

Parents and educators across the nation have finally begun to say enough is enough with the privatization of our public schools being pushed by the U.S. Department of Education. Charter schools, vouchers, mandated school closures and teacher firing as a result of required high-stakes testing have pushed us too far. Parents are organizing across the country to provide information on the “reform” efforts and to support opting their children out of testing. Petitions are being circulated to stop VAM evaluation of teachers, to stop school closures and the insertion of charter schools, and to fire Arne Duncan, Secretary of Education.

I am sending this memo to alert you to what is coming and to invite you to join the growing movement to take back our public schools. You can join us at or at Facebook groups of the following organizations:

Parents Across America:

Save Our Schools: America:

Teachers Letters to Obama:

Opt Out of the State Test: National:

Dump Duncan:

Bob Valiant, Ed.D.
Kennewick, WA
Dump Duncan Administrator