Sunday, December 11, 2011

Craft Day 2011!

I love this event! This was my final year chairing Craft Day at my son's school. My job was to choose and organize 8 easy and fun winter crafts for kids in grades K-5. I will miss working with my PTA co-chairs, all the dedicated volunteers, and of course, the kids. This after school PTA event gives students the opportunity to make fun winter crafts, and is a special tradition at our school. It's especially important to provide arts enrichment activities this year because art class has been drastically cut from the elementary school curriculum. And kids rarely make crafts in class anymore, since teachers must follow a structured schedule which does not allow much time for hands on activities like arts and crafts. (Thanks to high stakes testing, budget cuts, and curriculum changes approved by all Allentown School Board Directors) The collage table was especially busy. Older students from Trexler MS and Allen HS helped.
Photos by Gianni Villa


Mrs. Dottie said...

Thanks to all the parents and students who volunteered to make this event a huge success!

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Thanks Parent!