Thursday, May 26, 2011

Loving Other People's Children

"How did I make such massive gains at Booker T. Washington? I loved my children. I hired people who would love my children. And then I did my job." Principal Alisha Coleman-Kiner

This is a must read. In Allentown our Zuperintendent, the former PA Secretary of Education Dr. Gerald Zahorchak (Dr. Z) claims that the essence of great teaching is "alignment." And he believes that all great teachers know this. I think he speaks a different language than real teachers who interact with real children on a daily basis. As a parent and a teacher I have had enough of this standards aligned nonsense and testing mania. It's time to speak out against corporate driven education policies that dehumanize public education. A school is not a business, it's a learning environment where children grow and develop. It's not an input/output factory. I hope President Obama listens and learns from Coleman-Kiner, instead of Bill Gates and the corporate deformers.

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